Wednesday, 23 January 2008



The Palestinian Return Centre, London ,

Invites you to an Emergency seminar on

The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Venue: Committee Room 19

House of Commons

Parliament Square

Date: Thursday 24 January 2008

Time: 12.00-1.00pm on

A number of senior parliamentarians from all parties will be in attendance

Supported by the Rt. Hon. Dr. Phyliss Starkey, MP for Milton Keynes South West


As part of the activities organized by the European Campaign for the Lifting of the Sanctions Against Gaza we wish to draw to the attention of all supporters of the Palestinian struggle world wide of the importance of participating with the ongoing symbolic campaign, ‘We are all of Gaza .’ Accordingly, we shall the turn off the electricity and light of a candle wherever we may be on Thursday 24 January 2008 at exactly 20.00 GMT for 20 minutes. This is in remembrance of the suffering of the innocents in the Gaza Strip and the oppression that they have been subjected to. We urge you to pray for their deliverance from the tyrannical occupation. We trust that all our friends and supporters from every walk of life would participate in this activity in their residences, mosques, churches, associations and unions. Please contact your associates to ensure the widest possible participation.


End the Siege on Gaza

International Day of Action

Date: Saturday 26th January

Time: 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Place: Opposite 10 Downing Street , London

Organizers: PRC, PSC, PFB, BMI and other organizations.

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