Friday, 2 November 2007

Sedikit Perkongsian

Bagi sesiapa yang berminat untuk mengikuti cerita terperinci kematian rakan saya Mr. M, bersama ini saya sertakan cebisan dari catatan isteri beliau, dan link ke blog di mana ia disiarkan:

That was all I could muster and send to some of the numbers on my mobile. Forgive me if I didn't send you a message personally and also for not replying the hundreds of messages, emails, blog comments and missed calls.Thank you for all the support, encouraging words and condolences, though some have sent me text messages without leaving a name. Thank you friends, for doing the necessary.Let me now give the details of what happened on 29th October, 2007.On Sunday night I did not accompany my late husband at the hospital because a visitor from afar had come late in the night and had to head for London very early the next morning.After sending the children to school on Monday, I made my way to the hospital with my in-laws. I also made arrangements for a friend to pick the children up from school and bring them to the hospital later. It was Mr D's birthday, you see, so I wanted everyone to be there with him.When we arrived at the hospital, Mr D sat slumped on the chair, hardly aware of his surroundings. I whispered ....( baca selanjutnya di:

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