Monday, 6 July 2009

Not again Syaikhul Azhar!!!

Not again Syaikhul Azhar!!!

He made it again!

Our beloved and honourable Syaikh al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayed Tantawi met Shimon Perez again. He was so cunning to escape for the first time to deceive Muslims by saying he didn't know who was Shimon Perez. But what happened last month in Kazahstan couldn't be justified by any excuses anymore.

Please read this Arabic link on the Egyptian Parliamentarians demand for the impeachment of Sayed Tantawi from his position as the highest cleric in the oldest university in the Muslim world:

People will much appreciate if he walked away from Perez talk or delivered a clear message to Perez in Astana. But unfortunately, none was done by the Syaikhul Azhar. Maybe the Azharites should stand before their Syaikh to perform 'Amar bi al-Ma'ruf wa Nahy 'an al-Munkar'. If some of the al-Azhar graduates in Malaysia can swear and shout with loud voice in the rallies concerning local political issues (i.e. Bersih, etc.), why can't they organise the same thing infront of the Egyptian embassy in Kuala Lumpur?

I doubt they have the guts to do so for the sake of their Palestinian brothers. Azharites are not that united in Malaysia as they should be. But, something must be done in order to preserve the good name of al-Azhar. I wouldn't suprise that one day, the Syaikh will issue the decree to recognise the illegal state of Israel. Then, it will be too late for the al-Azhar graduates to do something!

Azharites, do something for God sake!


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  1. salam, most the preacher from azhar,the doctors and the lecturers have issued a 'reformation' in the Azhar administration. They even speak loudly about the 'cunning' behavior of Sayyid Tantawi.

    But as you can see, the politics in Egypt is a regime one. The best among the doctors and lecturer have been banned from Azhar.

    They even held a riot at Azhar Mosque, and create a second mimbar after the jumaat prayer.

    I remember one scene when i'm praying juma'ah in the Azhar mosque where the Syeikh speak loudly and said
    " The Syeikhul Azhar must return to the right path!! Indeed he have been a darkside to the Azhar"

    And then trucks of egypt' "black maria" (larger than what we seen in malaysia) with police and soldier with armed guns, captue a bunch of people from the mosque. Well that's egypt.

    Many have been done indeed. Riots,memorandum and every things that could be done have been done.

    But as we all know,
    without time, things won't change.