Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Story of a Pharoah and the Khadim of the al-Shaytanain (two Satans)

The Story of a Pharoah and the Khadim of the Shaytanain (two Satans)

I found myself contented listening to Dr Azzam Tamimi and Professor Hain Bresheeth at www.easy-talk.org. They were superb!

What before Gaza was a past history, and what after Gaza will creates a new chapter in the future history. That was the main discourse which I concluded from both of the speakers' speech.

But what overwhelmed me most was the fact that Gaza issue has exposed the real face of the Zionist Arabs to the world. Now nobody can deny the fact that the Pharaoh in Egypt, the Khadim (servant) of the Shaytanain (USA and Zionist regime) in Saudi, Abdullah in Jordan, Mahmoud Abbas and his mafia are all the Zionist Arabs!

They might have succeeded in camouflaging their identity in the past, but after Gaza, it is no longer a secret...not even a single Arab will deny the truth that those dictators are all Zionists!

Again, don't always blame the Jews (I pity for the less-informed cum ignorance Muslim scholars and the emotional Palestinians for this), because you will have thousands if not millions of them out there who are continously against Israel and its aggressions.

But these Arab devils in disguise are much worse than those Jews. I would consider those anti-Zionist Jews and the peace loving Jews as my brothers rather than these utmost hypocrites.

But what annoying me most is that those Zionist Arabs are being backed up by some (I suggest) 'innocent' scholars. The Egypt by Syaikh al-Azhar, the Shaytanain Khadim was backed by the Saudi Wahabi scholars (who clearly and continously condemn any act of solidarity towards the victims in Gaza on the street), the Jordanian despot by his scholars, etc...

I became to hardly adherent to my idea that religious body or institution should be taken away from the state! The state's interference should never encroach the religious territory but not the other way around for the check and balance purpose.

What about Perak?

I rest my case....


  1. actually i have my own view on perak's political situation... because i'm 1 of the voters in perak and i've been following the situation quite closely since march 8, 2008 until today. i know quite a lot, more than what other people can get from the media, blogs, etc. i even have first-hand info on whats really happening behind the scene. but i dont like to write on politics....[hehe.. concealing the truth..] my focus is on dawah, not on politics.

  2. brother firdaus dawah is politics, how can you separate the 2, this is secular thought- its an obligation upon you to enjoy the good and forbid the evil, this is amm in the texts and includes everything which is munkaarat- the greatest munkar are the secular ideologies in our lands, in malaysia aswell- the secular system is supreme, the provinces are subordinate to it- the system is happy in giving certain shariah provisions such as segregation etc but not others in many areas and this is what needs to be addressed and this is politics of the highest level- so lets not separate the 2 inshallah.

  3. a islamic state shldnt intervene in personal religious affairs but must regulate the public sphere- historically the religious institutions were independant and acted as a means of accounting the govt, it was only when the division between the 2 blurred that problems occurred, ie appointment of a shaykh ul islam under the uthamani khilafah. However stil there were independance of mosques, ulema unlike post uthmanis were the ummah has become a prison with everything controlled centred around the survival of the kufr systems in the muslim world- these need removing intellectually and politically, not succumbing to the lure of positions in parliament or violence but through ideological stimulation of society to believe and carry and idea translating into change.