Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Islam a-la Malaysia

Islam a-la Malaysia

It was today that one of my collegues in the department suddenly asked me to have a chat with her about Malaysia. After her close observation on the Malaysian post-grad community in the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University since 2 years ago, she realised that Malaysian Muslims are indeed unique.

She told me, "I do believe if the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) comes back to earth, he will be proud of Malaysian Muslims!"

Gulp.... I hope I still have a good sense of

But, why?

"You guys managed to bring the best of the both worlds together in your life"

"I am proud to hear about the Islamic Finance in Malaysia...and the twin towers... but yet, you are still practicing Islam...in a very moderate form"

I felt speechless before this minah saleh. She has a lot of bad experience with the Arab Muslims, both radicals and 'non-practicing' Muslims. Furthermore, she loathes the arrogance and adamant of the Gulf people in the department... no secret. She also hates the stupidity of those people who came from the land of camels and petrol drums...But she has no problem with Islam. But to have such highly expectation about Muslims in Malaysia...I would rather diagree.

She even told me that his boyfriend is secretly trying to be a 'muslim' (with small m) and both of them hope to see more colourful andbeautiful picture of Islam in Malaysia then...

NO!!!! Don't come to Malaysia with such intention! She will definitely dissapointed!

Am I right?

* Muhammad Asad's remarks on Muslims and Hajj apparently transmited by the hipocampus and pallium inside my brain to my conciousness, hence I am still alive..cogito ergo sum...


  1. Its irony that some feel that way but only when the step into Malaysia they will get the true picture of this so called muslim country

  2. yup, it's better that she does not come to malaysia. i'm afraid that it will change her perspective about islam then..

  3. Lama dah saya terfikir pasal ni...sejak saya A-levels kat sini, 1997, ramai orang puji Malaysian Muslims...padahal kita sendiri tahu problem di Malaysia tu...tapi lepas pikir2 balik, mungkin ada betulnya..well, at least comparing to other muslim countries, kita nye country OK gak la...at least org ada good impression on malaysian muslims.. good asset to have, i think...but a lot more to improve on!

  4. mazslee whats wrong with thinking gd of muslims in malaysia, how can one be a daee if one thinks negative of the muslims

  5. pvecg,

    I think you should start to think gd also about the system in Malaysia and not easily labeling everything that came from the non-HT idea as 'kufr'.

  6. brother abu rufaydah, is the system, legislation, constitution and canons from the shariah, yes or no? if yes then its not kufr, as an idea or legislation can only be islamic or kufr right? what other category can you give it, you cant give it a category of mandoub or mubah as this is related to actions.

    2nd, this is a discussion of ideas, and its ashame this descends into shifting the discussion to focus on groups rather than ideas. so pls lets discuss ideas, prove to me malaysia has an islamic system and i will happily say its a good system, otherwise how can i go against the nusoos and the classical ulema who made it very clear that soveriengty and legislation belong to allah aza wal jal and this is the cornerstone of the islamic system.

  7. simple what is the basis of the malaysian system sovereignty to the creator or to parliament?

    what is the basis of legislation, parliament or quran and sunnah?

    are the systems of islam existent in malaysia- economic, social, political etc etc?

    to any sane mind they will answer in the negative to all the above, even though there is islamic finance, how islamic is that is open to question and debate!, given that the funds are raised from global financial markets, ie riba, gambling, trading of debt etc etc....but i am sure its allowed under the rubric of masalaha!!!!!....

    i look fwd to hearing from you insa, lets have a fruitful and productive discussion insa, for sake of our creator insa.