Friday, 30 January 2009

Erdogan's chivalry

Erdogan's chivalry

I was speechless watching Erdogan braveness and stalwart move in Davos. I bet if tommorrow the election is to be held in Turkey, the Fezilets and the Secularists will undoubtedly vote for him and his AKP. He has all the justifications for such action, he was betrayed by the Israelis...he has all the right to do that.

But what amused me was Amr Mousa's stupidity. After congratulating Erdogan, he still has the guts to remain on his sit along with the Israeli Perez. How disgusting...Egyptian stooge he is! A typical secularist Arab!

To dream that Mubarak, the Saudi royals, King Abdullah or any other Arab dictators to do the same is just like waiting for Shrek to come alive. They will never, and can never do that, for their master will never allow them to do so. Just like Galloway's analogy on those stooges, they are only belly dancers who's pulse move with the rhytm played by the White House. The only thing that will crystallise such hope is the mass revolutions by the people in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi and elsewhere in the region. People's revolution akin to the French (1789-99) is the only solution.

The Muslim nation need more than one Erdogan, hope that one day a Malaysian Erdogan will be more passionate and more steadfast than Turkey's Erdogan. (But not the one who still have one feet in the Neo-Cons lair and talking about bridging...etc.)

* What about kumpulan Erdogan? sudah hilang wala pulak pada wilayah Faqih Malizi!


  1. Ya... Erdogan memang lantang berdebat dengan Israel. Memang layaklah kalau dia menjadi sebutan sekarang...

    Nak cari orang macam ni kat Malaysia? apa pendapat Ustaz?

  2. Anyone cld have done what erdogan did, doesnt require a strong leader to do that, it is expected- what wld be a real leader is one cuts diplomatic ties with israel, closes down the israeli consulate in istanbul and prepares the turkish army for war when the zionists were murdering our brothers and sisters in gaza. this is a real leader, remember qadi abu saad al harawi? this was a real leader, may allah grant him jannah.