Friday, 20 February 2009

How to Stop HAMAS' Qassam rockets?

How to stop HAMAS' Qassam rockets?

Mike Regev would have found his voice being echoed by his Arab Zionist frineds in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The Israeli spokeperson who always being dear to the western media (unlike Gazans' official spoke person) never changed his argument in whatever media he appeared...he adamantly uttering "Blame HAMAS for the killing of the Palestinian children. Israel has to protect itself from HAMAS rockets, if not because of the rockets, Israel would never kill those children!".

I believe only nuts and stupids will subscribe to those blantant lies. There was no HAMAS rockets during the time of Deir Yasin 1948. There was no HAMAS rockets in Sabra and Shatill 1982. But Israel has already made itself used to the killing of Palestinian children.

Who are those Israelis trying to fool?, do they think that people never read history?, or they might be thinking that all non-Israelis are as dumb as the Americans?

However, they should realise that by suffocating the Gazans, they can never erase the dream of freedom from the heart of the Palestinians. The Israelis should always learn that by killing the Palestinian children, destroying their schools, shelling their mosque and slaughtering Palestinian civilians, the ressistance can never meets its end.

If the Israelis really want to stop the rockets, they can only achieve it by one mean. The mean that will forever stop any rockets from Gaza and from else where. The mean that will make sure not a single rockets will be launch to Ashderot and other places within the occupied land of Palestine (Israel)...

By accepting UN resolution no. 194!

By accepting the Palestinian rights to return to their homeland annexed and occupied by the Zionist regime.

By giving back the Palestinian refugees (which are rotting and dying inside the refugee camps in Gaza, West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon) their inalienable rights to return to their homeland.

Should the Palestinian refugees who are now living in the Gazan refugee camps be allowed to return to their confiscated lands within the so called 'Israel' state, will their brethens in Gaza launch any rocket to those lands?

Should those Palestinians being treated like other human being and given back their occupied land, will they launch the rockets?

The problem with Israel, they will never listen to others. They are so adamant and never trying to look at the others at the same level. They always think the non-Israelis are brainless creatures. Hopefully, the new Israeli generation will eventually realise the mistakes of their fore fathers and will start listening to the others, especially their victims.

But, with the attitude shown by Olmert towards the Palestinian refugee issue, future can never promise anything for peace. Below is the interview conducted by Jerusalem Post (JP) with Olmert concerning the Palestinian refugee issue which indicates such situation:

[JP] Do you accept the Clinton parameters from 2000 on the refugees?

[Olmert] No. I will not agree to accept any kind of Israeli responsibility for the refugees. Full
stop. It's a moral issue. It's a moral issue of the highest standard. I don't think that we should accept any kind of responsibility for the creation of this problem. Full stop.

[JP] What role should or could we play in solving the refugee problem? What solution is acceptable? Would you rule out...?

[Olmert]...Any refugee coming to Israel. Full stop. Out of the question.

[JP] Not for family reunification?

[Olmert] Are you talking about family reunification, or are you talking about a solution for the refugees? Refugees, no way. Family reunification we have now to some degree. Even now it's becoming more of a problem than a solution. But this is not the solution to the refugee problem. And I'll never accept a solution that is based on their return to Israel, any number.

[JP] Our understanding of the Clinton parameters was that it involved a certain recognition by Israel, in principle, of a right to return, but that Israel would have the sovereign right to deny them a return. That was accepted by the Barak government. Is that acceptable to you?

[[Olmert] No.

Jerusalem Post (online edition), 29 March 2007, at

so don't blame the Palestinians for the rockets, blame the Israeli leaders for their arrogant and for not listening to the others instead!


  1. salam... banyak ke bilangan arab zionis? bagaimana boleh ada arab zionis? hmm, bukan ke zionis benci orang arab? terima kasih...

  2. salam ustaz...just nak tanye apa pendapat ustaz ttng conflict israel paleastine as a religious war or humanity?

  3. It is a war between the oppressor and the oppressed.